About Daniel Caskey

Daniel Caskey is a well-rounded athlete and avid sports fan. He is a major advocate for people of all ages to work sports into their daily life. 

He is particularly fond of tennis and golf, participating in both from a very early age. Daniel enjoys the competitiveness of individual sports, in that all the pressure is placed squarely on you to succeed. His tennis idols include Rafael nadal, Juan Martin del Potro, and Roger Federer. When it comes to golf, Daniel is usually rooting for Andrew Johnson and Phil Mickelson.

When it comes to participating in team sports, Daniel Caskey has played Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, and Soccer since he was just eleven years old. Daniel has always enjoyed the the challenge of developing chemistry and working with teammates to achieve a common goal. Participating in sports over the years.

A passionate traveler, Daniel can often be found by the water. Whether it is snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, cave tubing, hiking, or fishing, Daniel Caskey has a deep appreciation for the outdoors.